Aug. 25th, 2014


Aug. 25th, 2014 11:18 am
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1. I'm probably moving to China so Mandarin's become a higher priority to learn. I'm trying to save money for Skype classes online. Learning to type the pinyin is hard, though, and even when I know what I want to write, it often doesn't happen.
2. As always, studying Spanish.
3. I now have French-Canadian friends to practice French with as well as my grandmother, so hopefully I'll be building up conversational skills and vocabulary up to a point where I can navigate literature and conversations.
4. I use Italian to give myself a break from French and it seems to help me understand French better than Spanish does.
5. My dad's trying to study Hebrew so I might develop opportunities for that as well.
6. I need to get back to PolyGlotClub but I am a bit afraid of the dude with the guitar (it's a language exchange website, not a dating network!)


Aug. 25th, 2014 11:33 am
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سلام is the only word I seem to be spelling correctly when I play with the Arabic keyboard. اني possibly as well.

I'll be curious as to how they plan on teaching me to read/write Arabic or Mandarin compared to other languages.
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They're not.

I made it to the first writing exercise today and they teach you how to use the romance alphabet to write Mandarin as opposed to actual Chinese characters. In other words, instead of 你们好 it will come out as Nǐmen hǎo.

I'm really frustrated about that - not that both aren't important, as the romance alphabet is involved when typing Pinyin (and because of this lesson I can now write out a lot more phrases correctly than before!) It's just that I know that I need a stronger focus on the characters if I'm going to learn to read and write Mandarin symbols. The romance letters are actually manageable after learning the tonal symbols. The symbols comparatively will involve a lot of studying.


polyglotting: Books with different languages as titles. (Default)
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