Feb. 17th, 2015

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French has been put aside temporarily so I can focus on Italian, since I do better in French after studying Italian. I'm almost done with the Italian tree on DuoLingo, and moving through the Rosetta Stone course at a really good pace.

I'm starting to initiate conversations with Italian and Spanish speakers. Spanish speakers I can find online regularly with GoSpeaky and have been speaking in Spanish every evening. Italian speakers are much harder to come by, due to time zone differences, so we mostly have only made written contact. In the near future, I'm planning on forming a spreadsheet with my target languages for each day of the week, sitting on GoSpeaky, and making tabs on which languages are online at what hours.

I'm not seeing the DuoLingo tree as "completion" so much as "round 1." After that I plan on reviewing the tree and working harder on my Practice Makes Perfect textbooks and Living Language, as well as listening to TV shows and podcasts in Italian, with more organized efforts to seek language exchange partners. But at that point I'm hoping to be comfortable enough in Italian that I can move on with confidence and work on French.


polyglotting: Books with different languages as titles. (Default)
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