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I was disappointed to find out that the Instant Download for Rosetta Stone does not include the Audio Companion, but using my iPhone at work with the TOTALe Companion application is almost the same thing. (Outside of work, it would be better, the problem is it requires too much handling at work.)

So now I'm going to get roughly eighteen review hours per week without even trying. I'm still deciding how to break it up:

• I could divide the night in half between two languages.
• I could focus on one language at a time until I'm roughly fluent.
• I can study languages within the same family.
• I can just study a different language each night based on what I feel like.

I'm leaning toward the third option, because I find studying Italian helps me understand French grammar and spelling better. (Additionally, I need to study Spanish, since I will be living in another Spanish-Speaking area for a few weeks for school.) After I do that, I can rotate any language I want with no problem, but probably with more focus on French, since I would like to become a competitive PeaceCorps candidate for placement in Morocco. (I may try to add Arabic at that time, even if I can't specifically add Darija. I've waited so long for it to become available, but starting something would be better than waiting, since I'd at least be learning to some degree the structure and grammar of the language.)
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polyglotting: Books with different languages as titles. (Default)
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