Dec. 23rd, 2014 05:10 pm
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I have been so busy that it probably comes off as not studying; I have been studying a little less, but not by much, and once I explain why I imagine the full benefit of my absence will be clear:

• I got a job at a bookstore. I now get a 30% off employee discount on almost everything in the store. So I've been buying Practice Makes Perfect book for Spanish, French, and other languages of study. I've also been collecting the complete Living Language courses (not the Platinum editions! Too expensive.)

• I've been speaking French and Spanish with customers speaking those languages at the bookstore! It's so weird but we regularly get French speaking, Spanish speaking (less unexpected), Russian speaking, and German speaking customers. So I've actually been practicing in a very hands-on approach.

• I've made a friend who speaks Mandarin and have agreed to help her learn more conversational Spanish. She's fine with talking Mandarin with me.

• Plus I have a multilingual co-worker! Someone to practice Spanish, French, and German with (and Chinese, if I get conversational.)

So, I have been busy with languages still, just not so much online.

I have been reconsidering AYC in favor of becoming conversational in Chinese and French first, then applying to PeaceCorps. Also, it would give me time to get certified before I go. I'm not sure I trust AYC to give me the tools I need to teach English very well, and I'm suspicious of any language program that doesn't work to make you conversational in the local peoples' language before expecting you to work with them. Certainly, my Spanish ability makes me a better worker here.
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polyglotting: Books with different languages as titles. (Default)
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