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Name:Je ne suis pas un stylo.
I know polyglot isn't a verb but I liked the idea of treating it like one for a username. Not technically a polyglot, but I like studying languages.

Current Languages of Study:

• Spanish (Latin American)
• French
• Italian
• Portuguese (Brazilian)
• Gaelige (Irish)
• German
• Mandarin
• Russian
• Modern Standard Arabic
• Modern Hebrew

Methods of Study: I fully believe that all learning materials are supplementary to speaking, reading, and writing a language. When I can afford supplements, I collect them, reasoning being they are one time purchases I can use indefinitely afterward. DuoLingo, LiveMocha, and WeSpeke are some examples of free places to learn and practice.

How My Tags Work:

Posts in English for updates because I lack the skill to write in that language will be tagged as "language: _______." For example "language: french" would be French. But if I write the post in the language, it will be tagged by the language name (español, français, etc.) 'Updates' refer to how studies are going in general.

About Me:

Also [personal profile] aximili.

Current applicant for Peace Corps, hoping to get TEFL certified from the University of Toronto in 2016.

I am working on "laddering" now on DuoLingo both for review and also to avoid using English (Doing English -> Spanish, then Spanish -> Italian, then Italian -> French) so I'm not going through courses very fast, but the ones I completed in English include Spanish, Italian, and French.
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